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This directory is years out of date. Some of the links and addresses may not go anywhere. No new listings are being added.

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Isla Percussions is a new company in Los Angeles making some beautiful Cuban-style congas.

David Romero is a professional touring percussionist, and a great guy too. He teaches bongos and other percussion in Las Vegas Nevada, and has produced a bongo instructional video that is definitely worth checking out. Visit his website, or email him at:

Clifford Brooks teaches advanced conga, bongo, and cajon soloing in Berkeley CA. He is an experienced rumbero; find out more about his teaching on his website. Email him at:

Dennis "Califa" Reed has lots of great Latin music info and stories on his site!

Matthew Dubuque, the founder of TheBongoGroup on Yahoo, has tons of great bongo info on his site as well, and teaches bongo playing in the Bay Area of California. His studies have focused on traditional styles from Oriente de Cuba as well as contemporary pop styles like funk, Latin jazz and hip hop. Email him at:

Bongographix: Apparel and merchandise for the latin percussion enthusiast. He also has conga and timbagraphix shops.

Isaac Gutwilik represents JCR bongos and cowbells from New York, and sells them on Ebay. Email or call (732)432-0609.

Kenne Thomas is a drumming professor in Roseville Minnesota. Email him at

Eduardo Cordova is a Cuban artist and percussionist who makes amazing drums.

Rhythmweb's bongo page., with information on all types of Latin drumming, in English and Italian.

Chuck Silverman's site features drumming lessons on video, transcribed patterns, and drumming study programs in Cuba. is "El Negro" Hernandez's site for all types of drumming information.

High Energy Drums hand-crafts stave drums, thumb pianos, and other instruments. promotes drumming as a healing practice, and they offer a variety of drumming resources, including private music lessons & discounted drums & percussion.

Music of Puerto Rico

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