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This is my bongo collection! Click on any of these photos to open a larger view.

Check out the unusual woodwork, very psychedelic.

from the Fabrica de Instrumentos Musicales de Santiago de Cuba (I visited in 2000)

the weirdest bongos ever, from Mt.Fuji Japan

made by Paul E. of Oregon (watch them in The Bongo Video available from Matthew Dubuque)

my new favorites, by Timba Percussion. They have replaced the Meinls for my professional gigs!

these Meinl FreeRide bongos were my main set for professional gigs for five years, until I got the Timbas.

Fairly rare; made in Brazil in the '60s, imported by LP, and sold by Timbas Ismael of Puerto Rico

cute toy drums by Noble & Cooley. I like the graphics on the nylon heads.

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