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bongo girl a bongo deer
From Escapade magazine, 1957
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This is an endangered species of African deer called "bongos".
Augie Colon Robert Wagner
Autograph by Augie Colon, the bongocero with Martin Denny, on the album cover of "Quiet Village". The actor Robert Wagner, with what looks like an early set of Valje bongos!
Roberto Roena drumming kids
Roberto Roena's autograph on a bongo head. Unknown family photo
Cuban alligator a bongocero in Santiago Chino
A pre-revolutionary Cuban souvenir: a taxidermied alligator playing the bongos (click image to enlarge) A bongocero in Santiago de Cuba; Photo by Michael Johnson, 2003 (click image to enlarge) A Havana bongocero named Chino; Photo by Michael Johnson, 2003 (click image to enlarge)
These are just some cool-looking drums I saw on Ebay recently:
Copper bongos vintage Valjes
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